Digital preservation policy

CUJournal supports the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) system which guarantees the journal a permanent and secure archive. LOCKSS is an open-source programme developed by the Stanford University Library. It allows libraries to preserve selected web journals by regularly searching registered journals to collect and archive newly published content. Each archive is continuously validated against records from other libraries, so any damaged or lost content can be restored using those records or the journal itself.

CUJournal LOCKSS is deposited through the PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN), which deposits content using the LOCKSS Program, which offers decentralized and distributed preservation. This allows journals that are not part of any other digital preservation service (such as CLOCKSS or Portico) the ability to be preserved for long-term access.

Additionally, CUJournal uses persistent identifiers, which can be found in our policies section and performs an incremental backup policy every 12 hours provided by Paideia Studio servers via JetBackup 5.