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Editorial Procedures


CUJ is not copyrighted and authors are free to use their material elsewhere. Even to place the article on a web site once sales have reach profitability. CUJ appears in the official web site (

The Evaluation of Submissions

To ensure its integrity, the refereeing process for all contributions to the CUJ is double-blind: the names and institutional affiliations of authors are revealed neither to referees nor members of the Editorial Board; likewise, referees and Board members remain anonymous both to each other and to the author in each particular case. Without the prior permission of the Editor, referees and Board members will not be able to show other people the material supplied to them for evaluation. All published submissions have been anonymously reviewed by at least two referees.

The evaluation process has up to five sequential stages, as follows:

preliminary vetting by a member of the Editorial Team

refereeing, 1

refereeing, 2

scrutiny of submission and referees' reports by a member of the Editorial Team, Editorial Board or another designated expert

final decision by the Editor

A paper may be rejected, or returned to the corresponding author for revision, at any stage of this process. Successful completion of each stage will lead to the next. Authors should note that positive referees' reports are not sufficient condition for acceptance. The Editor will make final decisions about acceptance.


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Call for Papers 

In commemoration of the 250th anniversary of Hegel's birth, we invite you to submit articles by April 1, 2020.